GRE essay: Computers and video technology can make facsimiles of original works

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Date: 13th May 2010

Issue Topic:

“Computers and video technology can make facsimiles of original works such as paintings and historical documents available to everyone. The great advantagement of this new technology is that it will enable anyone-not just scholars-to conduct in-depth research without having access to the original works”


Computer & video technology, in other words Telecommunication revolution has transformed the world into a global village. As the author says, the ability of the technology to make facsimiles of original works such as paintings, sculptures, scientific labs, historical documents etc., makes it reachable to everyone. I completely agree with the author’s statement.

The advancements in video technology makes it possible to get images of the original paintings with the same resolution, color combination etc., For examble, Linado Da Venci’s Monalisa painting became the center of attraction for many researchers after it got published in internet and tele media.

Sculptures & Structures, the historical symbol of our civilization became accessible, because of the advancement in telecommunication technology such as 3-Dimages, Virtual tours etc., 3-D technology gives as a lively image of a sculpture, whereas virtual tours gives us the overall structure of sculpture or temple structure. For examble, maveric architectures of Europians can be made available at the class rooms areound the world.

Virtual labs, where you mix two chemicals and observe the changes virtually, place an aerofoil in the wind tunnel and virtually conduct the experiments. This would be very helpful for ambitious students/researchers from under-developed/developing countries, where there is no sophisticated equipments to conduct research. For examble, NASA has recently started virtual labs, with verity of equipments ranging from nanotech to astrophysics.

Summing up, the computers and video technology has made many things simple and accessible beyond the realms. It laid ways to multi/inter disciplinary research by giving access to documents/things from any area of research. Multi-disciplinary research are always effective in a way that it tends people to think from different dimensions. We can conclude that the advancement in telecommunication technology has made the paradigm shift in various areas of research.

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