GRE CBT format

Hi everyone,
I have checked dozen of resources to prepare for my exam. However, I do not have completely clear how is the Computer Based Test format.

Apart from the Analytical Writing that seems clear, according to the Official Site is:

Verbal 30 questions 30 minutes
Quantitative 28 questions 45 minutes

For the verbal section, does anyone know roughly how many antonyms, analogies, sentence completions and reading comprehension questions are there?

Same for the quantitave. I have read that in the PBT there are 30 questions; 15 comparison, 10 problem solving and 5 data interpretation. Can somebody point me out about the proportion of these questions in the CBT?

Finally, is it normal to have one or more unscored sections per test?

Thanks a lot.

Hi again,
Ive just registered in and found that info:
Verbal 30 questions, 30 minutes
Includes 5-7 sentence completion questions, 8-10 antonym questions, 6-8 analogy questions, and 6-10 reading comprehension questions based on 2-4 reading passages. For more information on each of these question types, please see that tutorial chapter.

Math 28 questions, 45 minutes
Approximately 10 of the questions are problem solving questions (the standard word problem, multiple choice questions), 14 are quantitative comparison questions, and 4 are data interpretation questions. For more information about the quantitative reasoning questions, please proceed to the appropriate tutorial.

On the other hand, it is said that there will be an experimental section for granted at any time after the break:
Experimental Section* You will have a fourth, experimental section that will either be a math or a verbal section. You will know if you were given a math or verbal experimental section because you will have two of those sections during the test, but you won’t know which of two identical sections will be experimental. The experimental section does not count toward your score and can be the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd section after the break. The experimental section is used by ETS to test new questions.

I would appreciate if anyone shares any further information he/she may have.