GRE and finance programs

I go a 760m/710v/4w on the GRE in December. The percentiles were around 85/98/40 respectively. I did well, but I didn’t break the bank. I had a 3.9 undergrad GPA.

I’m looking to get a phd in finance, which is basically the math half of econ. I’d be using a lot of SAS, Matlab, econometrics and so on. There would be some differential equations and stochastic calculus in there as well.

Where can I get in? I’m working on Wall Street now and have no concept of what my credentials are worth. From what I’ve heard, admissions aren’t like most phd programs where you need to find faculty to study under whos research aligns with your interests. You apply more for brand name and rigor, take you comprehensive exams, then look for a problem to solve. I’ve also heard my work experience don’t count for anything.

Am I likely to get into top 10? Top 25? Top 50? One professor I had during undergrad told me that my scores weren’t good enough, and that I should start over take the GMAT instead and try to get over 700 by any means necessary? Is this even true?