GRE Analogies (help Yankee)

Help me with these anlogies…

This part is for Yankee

Dear Yankee,
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The answers given are my answers. I had no idea for those for which no ans was specified. From now on I will give you the ans more clearly…

I find these analogies on the Internet. I keep searching different sites. Especially

Please help me with these:
Q 18: lullaby : song :: _________ : _________
a) diatribe : discourse
b) invective : compliment
c) narrative : volume
d) paragraph : page

my ans: a
check: Lullaby is a type of song to placate children, invective is a type of discourse

Q 19: tender : acceptance :: _________ : _________
a) exhibit : inspection
b) publish : wisdom
c) authorize : approval
d) declare : observation

Given ans: a
I hav no idead of the bridge.

Q 20: odometer : ________ :: Croesus : _________

a) intelligence / loyalty
b) surprise / monster
c) alphabet / dog
d) distance / wealth

given ans: c
Odometer & Croesus (a very rich man) seems to have no relation.

Q 21: snake : invertebrate :: _________ : _________
a) dolphin : fish
b) eagle : talon
c) boa constrictor : backbone
d) penguin : bird

Given ans: d
Its ok, but then (a) can also be the answer

Q 22: epithet : disparage :: _________ : _________
a) diminutive : respect
b) alias : mislead
c) code : simplify
d) hieroglyphic : mythologize

My ans: b
check: epithet is (usually)used to disparage someone, alais is used to mislead someone.

I want you to plz check if my ans are correct…

The answer to qestion 20 should be c.


Please specify the bridge also…

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