Goverment should support artists or artists support themselves.

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In modern life, we can deny that art plays an important role in our society. Should government support artists has been a controversial issue in many countries. There have appeared endless discussion over this problem. Many governments states that it is crucial for them to support artists. Personally, I strongly disagree with this statement.

         First and foremost, what I put on my priority is budget limitation. It is widely known that, sending more money for artists will put more pressure on government limited resources. The governments of many countries nowadays have to deal with a lot of important problems. Art is just a want, it is not a need. It is not necessary for survival of society. While many people are starving, homeless, can not go to school or get enough medical care, money for art is a waste. Government should focus on these vital need and distribute budget to health care, food, security and education. More importantly, government's subsidies to art is just a transfer money to the rich. Most of the people who consume artworks are rich. Only rich people buy sculptures, luxury paintings or go to the expensive shows. The artists, by this way, are able to earn enough money for living. If governments supports art, they have to impose more tax on more productive industries which provides jobs for working class. As a result, the poor have to support for the luxury goods that they do not need to use. With no doubt, supporting for artists brings negative effects on governments' budget.

 In the second place, art quality holds no less an important role. Clearly, when governments support artists, they are no longer worry about their income. When this happens, the artists do not need to try hard. No matter how bad are their products, artists always makes ends meet. Therefore, the financial guarantee reduces artist's motivation to work hard. If the artists support themselves they always try their best to make the best works because that is the only way they can sell their products. Beyond any doubt, governments subsidy will hurt the quality of the artworks.

 Last but not least, artist's freedom is undoubtedly of paramount importance.The fact is that, if governments assist artists, they tend to control over them. Once artists receive financial aid from governments, what they create are under governments' management. As a result, artists are confined  to produce what governments consider acceptable. However, governments are just group of people, presenting opinions of a group , they cannot cover the genuine variety of the life. Artists should be free to create and illustrate the beauty of the life with their talent and sensitive souls.

All in all, budget limitation, art quality and artist’s freedom are the convincing reasons for my disagreement. Art is present thousands year through history without subsidies from governments. I do not think that government’s interfere in art will somehow makes more benefit. I strongly recommend governments take my writing into detail consideration when making policy on artists supporting.

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The first sentence I mean “we cannot deny thAt.”

Hi Kienhoe, I think your essay is pretty good. You have addressed the topic well and provided good support. You do have some mistakes in verb tense, preposition use, and a few odd word choices. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thank you very much Luschen. I really appreciate what you are doing. I just see that I often make a lot of basic mistakes. Can you please check my last essay I just posted about nature protection? I can not say thank enough, I learn from you a lot and will try to repair for next essays.