Can I use this word:

“…Now you need to scroll the text to find the specific line… Gotcha! Line #152


Can I use the word “gotcha” in relation to the “line”?..

Or maybe i can use only “got it”?.. Or something else… “Found it!” ? “Here it is!” ? :?
What is the best?


‘Gotcha’ makes no sense here; it is a slang exclamation. On the other hand, your excerpt does not indicate the structure of this sentence or sentences, so I do not really know what is going on here. Please post the full text and indicate what kind of writing this is.

Hi Trueman,

‘Gotcha’ is a slang expression and comes from ‘I’ve got you’. It’s used in a lighthearted way to suggest ‘I’ve caught you out’ suggesting I’ve found a question or problem that you can’t solve. It can also mean and I’m assuming that this has some relevance to your sentence - I follow what you are talking about. If you imagine a telephone conversation where the first person explains again what they first said and the other person on the line now understands what they’ve been told, they could simply say: Gotcha. And this means now I understand what you mean.


Thanks a lot.

Mister Micawber, Alan, i’ve understood you.
And I think, it’s not correct to use ‘gotcha’ here.

But please tell me, what phrase is the best.

It is the part of video tutorial. There is some text on the screen and the first instruction is “Now you need to scroll the text to find a specific line”. It means that we don’t know the line number and we need to find it.
The text starts scrolling and at some point it stops (when the line #152 comes in sight), then you see a message "<…>! Line #152.".
I want to use some phrase like “(I) found it!” “(I) got it!” or “Here it is!”, etc… I hope you understand me )

Is the phrase “Here it is!” grammatically correct?

Thank you.

P.s. sorry for my poor english.

Hi Trueman,

Please don’t apologise about your English. The main thing is that you are using it. ‘Here it is’ is fine.