Got my TOEFL score for the May. 18th test!

Test Test Date Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
TELXML May 18, 2007 28 28 23 28 107

The result turned out to be pretty shocking to me as I did not expect to get such a score in the reading section. The first passage that day was extremely hard and I nearly lost hope.

But anyway, I didn’t, and I’m really excited about it right now, except that the score of my speaking section is not so good. It seems that I didn’t do well on the time control and I’m really going to work more on that.

Well, thanks for all you guys’ help during my preparation period, and I will be back every now and then.

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Hey Grace,
many many congratulations on your success, thats a very good score.I also read your essays that were also wonderful, you definately got a creative mind. Well my test is due tomorrow, wish me luck because i m hoping for the same score doctoral admission, see you soon on this forum and will share my ideas about the test. congrats once again

Thanks nazeedzia & all the best for your test!

anyone take the test on this date.