Got 101 in TOEFL

Hi all
I have scored 101 in TOEFL. the credit of this score goes to KITOSDAD(without him i could not have made it). I got 29 in reading, 26 in listening, 24 in speaking, 22 in writing.
I am still not satisfied with my writing skills. I would like to improve further in writing.:slight_smile:
This forum is a comprehensive source of knowledge and skill development. I am lucky that I find it.

warm Regards
Sumat Grover

TOEFL listening lectures: What does ‘monotreme’ mean?

Great score,
Congratulations Suman.

congratulation suman.what resources did you use for reading?

Great score, Suman. I beg you will succeed later in life.

Thanks fellas for your wishes
Also my name is sumant and not suman

Hello Sumant. I think the person who taught you to read deserves your thanks more than I.
That was a really great score-29.


What a great score. Congratulation, Sumant.
Can I ask you something? How long did it take you to learn English for your test?
What materials did you use for it?

btw, what was your topic in your writing section?

Though I have an ordinary score in writing. I still owe a lot you.
You kept me suggesting and motivating. Thanks for appreciating my reading skills ( and I prepared it own my own)

Warm Regards
Sumant Grover

Thanks for appreciating me.
I almost prepared a month or so for TOEFL. I had a good vocabulary at he time when I started preparation. My writing skills were subliminal at that time.I would say evaluate your skills and prepare accordingly. Do not write the test in a haste.
Reading: ,practice from barrons and kaplans
writing : This forum is best place.
Speaking : I practiced independent speaking sections from some materials i got online
listening : Kaplans and Barrons.

Sumant Grover

very great score

I have only two weeks until my Toefl exam
please help me. how I can improve my reading in this short time??