Have you got a googleganger? … ogleganger

I have more than 80 googlegängers in the United States alone.

Wow! Anything similar to this find?

"“I got curious and googled myself last night-- and found a porn actress with my name!”

I found one other person with my ID. I am not sure she’s a porn actress but it doesn’t look like a “nice” site. But, it’s in French, so who knows?

Saw a chat show last week where the actor Kevin Bacon admitted to searching for material about himself on and his googlegangers on Google. His search on quite surprised him. It came up with this result:

[ Link deleted. Pornography may be offensive to some readers – MM ]

Kevin laughed when he saw it. I always imagined he had a good sense of humour.

I have found only 5 googlegängers hailing from different parts of the world. :wink: Surely,they are people of different walks of life and I’ve got not a slightest inlking regarding their potential obscene activity, thank God :wink:

Thank God. :wink:

Yes, Molly.Thanks!

I have no Googleganger and I don’t whether that’s good or bad. By the way, how important is it for you to have information about your person googleable?

PS: For some reason my Firefox spell checker rejects the words ‘googleganger’, ‘googleable’ and most funnily even ‘Firefox’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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