Good Pimsleur Package?

The Pimsleur method seems to be helping quite a few people here, and I was thinking I’d like to get something from them to help me in my Italian (since I might go next year w/my hi-school). However, I went to and saw tons of stuff of greatly-varying prices. Some things there seem ludicrously expensive while others are the price of an older video game, so it confuses me. So, can somebody here please help a new user and provide a bit of info on which one is the most up-to-date or most comprehensive (ignore the price-tag)? Your help is greatly appreciated. Adios.

The difference in price depends on the course level. If you want to start out and learn Italian, and you’ve had no prior experience, I would get Pimsleur Italian Comprehensive Level I. This has a full 16 hours of instruction, so that you get a solid basis on speaking and vocab. The Basic Italian and Conversation Italian courses are just smaller versions of the same Comprehensive Level I (meaning they take out the later lessons.)

Also, you can purchase CDs and audiobook chips of the Pimsleur lessons for less at Pimsleur Direct which has free shipping as well.


I just saw your message on here. I am sure its already too late. But just in case you are interested I have most Pimsleur packages as high quality mp3 files. and I can send you a dvd or CD. Each language the entire selection 60 $. You can use paypal to pay. so If there is anything wrong you can then ask foe a refund.

each language contains the entire collection for example

Spanish I,II,III + extra etc …

send an email to