Good luck to everyone!

Hi, with the huge increase in the number of submitted essays recently, I can tell that there is another round of TOEFL tests coming up. Good luck to all the test-takers! My advice is to try to remain calm and don’t get flustered, plus make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Please come back and tell us your thoughts on the test, as it is always so helpful for those who plan to take the TOEFL in the future.

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture on Animal Behavior by a professor of Biology

I want to say thanks again for your support :slight_smile: I feel lucky that you stay here and help us correct every essay, which is a huge motivation for us to keep on trying our best :smiley:

Thank you Luschen sir. I scored 27 in writing with your help and guidance.
Thank you so much. You have helped many students to achieve their goals. I appreciate it.

That is wonderful, Jatkin - excellent work, congratulations. Thanks so much for letting me know how you did and great luck to you for the future!