good brand of GPS for use in mainland Europe?


Can anyone recommend a good brand of GPS available for use in mainland Europe?


Hi Alan,

You are referring to the little gizmos that help you navigate through cities and can serve as scapegoats if you can’t find a street? I’ve seen a report on TV recently where they tested a dozen different brands and the TomTom scored highest in all disciplines. Also, the guy at my car dealership said that he would prefer TomTom. Are you planning to hit the road on mainland Europe again?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten.

That’s - right. Later this year. Glad you mentioned TomTom as my son has just got that at Christmas and it sounds very good.



Last summer I bought a TomTom One after I had tried Alan’s TomTom. Back then Alan suggested that I always remove the device itself as well as the windscreen mount since these things attract thieves who usually are young drug addicts who use the navigation devices to generate some drug money. To cut a long story short, last night somebody broke into my car and took my TomTom so I’m looking for a new device. Since my wife is from Kiev, it would be great if the maps of the new machine included a Ukraine map – something TomTom isn’t offering yet. I know that many Ukrainians use the HP Travel Companion since it allows you to download and install a lot of maps.

Anyway, have you got any ideas or suggestions?
Many thanks,

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Navigon is much better than HP or tomtom!

Hi Cookie,

Welcome to and many thanks for sharing your experiences with us. What exactly is so good about Navigon? Why is it much better than the HP Travel Companion or a TomTom?


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I have used many gps products ,but among them I find that zorrogps is the best. Its performance/price ratio is very high. I can say no other brand is much better. Login on and you will see by yourself.