gone are the days

Hi every one

“Gone are the days” is it another way to say “those days are gone” ?
“Gone are the days”. Gone plays a role as subject. is it a noun here ? I look up the dictionary, They do not list any situation that gone can be used as a subject / noun (I guess It’s an idiom and usually, it does not obey the normal grammar structure). Could you please explain this usage of gone a little bit in English grammar ?

Here is a explanation of it. englishpractice.com/improve/ … s-adverbs/

Here “gone” is acting as an adjective, describing the days. Another common example like this is “Many are the times …” These structures have a more poetic, formal sound to me.

Hi Luschen

Thank you very much. the information is really useful. I did not think of the inversion in the sentence. It totally fits in.