Goals, resolutions, expectations for 2019?


With the new year looming around the corner it’s time to talk about your goals for 2019. What do you expect to achieve by the end of next year? Do you have any resolutions or plans for 2019?


Hi Torsten,
sometimes I have to look up words in dict.leo.org since I am not always am sure about the meaning of english words. In this case I I needed closer information about “looming”.:shushing_face: Omg, Leo says “looming” rather has a sense of something negative waiting around the corner like a threat or a misery.
Well what´s “looming” at me next year might be a year full if disappointments since I lost my job last year and because of my age it might be pretty difficult to get a new challenging and satisfying job.
Since man usually doesn´t “have things on the toast” it much more are desires that I “expect” or rather “hope” to come true. But it is one of my “goals” to make it. And my “resolution” is to do my very best. :smile: Might become a hard peace of work. These are my egoistic New Year goals, resolutions and expectations.
But of course I have some more resolutions which are not those one is making every year and finally find out at the end of the year that you couldn´t or didn´t really achieve: like quitting smoking and such. :rofl: But what I found out since I started learning english is that ppl from all over the world have their own experiences and hopes. And thus I carry out to cope with everyone with respect. That doesn´t mean that I do accept crime and terrorism. But mutual respect can help to avoid them.


Yes, “looming” does have a negative connotation. How about a new year launching or commencing, or kicking off, or springing forth, or unfolding, or embarking on a new year? Let’s be positive here! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I am learning Digital Marketing, already started from Nov,2018. Also, I will start my prep for GRE and TOEFL by Feb,2019.
Planning to finish 10 books in first quarter of 2019 that I have bought recently. Other than that, I am also planning to take swimming lessons as soon as summer approaches. :slight_smile:
I have started yoga and gym also from Nov,2018, which I wish to continue for rest of my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone suggest me any new skill, which is going to be in demand in 2019?
Thank You. :slight_smile: