Go vs going

“I saw him go to the room” is it grammatical? An American writer used this expression in his written book. Well, I want to know if it could be used interchangeably with “I saw him going to the room”. By the way teacher assist me to learn how to quote
some part of members post/thread
in this forum, as I see you quoting members sentences if you want to draw their attention as you quoted Noren, on one of his post. Thanks!

“I saw him go to the room” and “I saw him going to the room” are pretty similar in meaning. The latter has a slightly stronger emphasis on seeing activity in progress.

yep Doz I have now understood you that, that “I saw him go…” is grammatical if then I guess my examples below would be no doubt grammatical:
1.I saw him come to me(which is not far from, I saw him coming to me)
2.I watched him kick the ball.(which is not quite far from: I watched him kicking the ball)
3. I witnessed him dance (not far from I witnessed him dancing)
4. I heard him call (not far from: I heard him calling)
Please confirm. Thanks

Hello, Mr. Adu:

Here is an example that some teachers give their students.

(1) I saw him CROSS the street. He finished the walk across the street, and I saw the whole action.

(2) I saw him CROSSING the street. When he started to cross the street, I saw him. But then my mother called me. So I left the window and went to help her. I do not know what happened. Maybe he finished his trip across the street; maybe he decided to return to the place from which he had started; maybe a car struck him and he was taken to a hospital.


Big thanks to you Mr. James for your detailed explanations. Thanks once more

It#s a solid example, which always helps people understand, but I would add one little word of caution. Because someone chooses to use the word ‘crossing’ this does not mean that ihe was not seen to complete the act and reach the other side.

You are very welcome, Mr. Adu.

Yes, that’s correct.

Dozy, thanks for your confirmation. I have a beef but one, please if you wouldnt mind help me to know how to quote someone’s expressions as you have quoted my writtens
and have confirmed, I have tried but failed to do I might have pressed the wrong thing. thanks

If you look to the top right of each post, you will see a button labelled “quote”. Click that, and you will get an edit window pre-filled with a quote of the message. Don’t change that (except to delete irrelevant lines of the quote if you want). Add your message at the end.

Big thanks, dear Dozy. But always correct my choice of words when I am wrong grammatically. thanks once more