"go see" vs "go to see"

Honey, you really must communicate with me more. I had no idea that you assumed we would go see your parents on my birthday. I already made plans with my friends. You shouldn’t be mad at me for not knowing since you didn’t tell me. I can’t … your mind," Josh said to Jessica.

Could any one tell me why it is “go see” and not “go to see”. I am confused so many times in when to use “to” and when not to use.


Hi Masaniparesh !!
By and large, it’s the first time I know that there is something like “go see”. This phrase seems to be very special because it doesn’t obey the rule. Hope that someone can explain it for you and me.


Yes, the phrase ‘go see’ is a bit of an odd ball. To me it conveys the notion that the gerund has as well (i must go shopping etc), only that you would never say say ‘go seeing’.

There are other exceptions which don’t necessarily require a ‘to’ after the verb.

Vaccinations help prevent illnesses.

I don’t dare fight a gorilla.

Hi masaniparesh

This is basically a special usage of the verb ‘go’. A combination such as ‘go see’ basically tells you that in order to ‘see’, you will first have to ‘go’ or move to a different location. You can look at it as meaning ‘go and see’. ‘Go’ can also be combined with other bare infinitives the same way:

  • Let’s go get something to eat.
  • Would you like to go see a movie?
  • Get off the sofa and go do your homework!
  • I’m going to go find Jim. Maybe he’ll be able to help.

This combination of ‘go’ and another infinitive is only used in infinitive/uninflected form. In other words, you cannot say these, for example:
*I went see
*He goes see
*We are going see

Oh, it’s so interesting. Thank you very much, Yankee!!