"go" and "go to"

can ne 1 plz help me out wid the usage of “go” and “go to”

i want to " go india " or-- i want to " go to india"?
go shopping or go to shopping?

Since this is an English language learning forum, could you please use proper English spelling, instead of ‘chat speak’ or whatever other heinous names it goes by? This means spelling out your words, avoiding abbreviations, and using capital letters.

Instead of this,

Try the following instead: “Can anyone please help me out with the usage of ‘go’ and ‘go to’ ?”

‘I want to go to India.’ is correct, but the second sentence should read ‘I want to go shopping.’

go to India

go shopping

@above both.
but then what about “go places”?
why is there such difference between them? or rather what is the difference? when to use “go” and when to use “go to”?? please elaborate.

Go shopping/swimming/riding, etc. The focus is on the activity.

Go to India/school/my mother’s (house)/a party, etc. The focus is on the location.

“Go places” is a fixed expression and an idiomatic way of saying “advance my career”, or similar.

Go to places I’ve never been” is, as above, focusing on general locations.

thank you so much molly for that help!