GMAT Reading Comprehension Help

I am taking the GMAT but I have no knowledge of anything. As far as math goes, I haven’t had math for years. I am taking a GMAT prep course that should help me out and give me helpful hints on how to score higher. but i want to ask you for advice. how should i study for each section??? i mean how many weeks or days should i spend in total on each sectin like math, verbal and essay writing. i know that math would be my main focus so that should be more time spent on but what do you think. please help me out. i need to take it to get in to a good acredited university. I got my undergrad degree from there but they require gmat scores for masters. I took it as a first try and just pretty much guessed on everything because i got sick of staring at a computer screen for 4 hours straight. i got a 240 score on it and that is sooooooooo bad. so please give me good advice for everything… :frowning: