GMAT essay on topic: Global Financial Crisis

Hi.Would anyone post here an essay on “Global Financial Crisis/International Economic Crisis”. Or please refer me a link where i can find it.

Hi Fahad,

I can help you with that… i have some audio’s which clearly explians you about how and what exaclty caused the financial crisis.

If you can forward me your maill address i would be able to help you and i am sure after listening to those you would be in a position to explain or write an essay about the financial crisis.

Hi all.I am a new member on the forum,pls fahad,mail the recoding u talked about to my email; cos I’m also interested in the topic.Thanks

hi fahad,I’m new on the forum but wants u to send the audio stuff to my

Hi Fahad,Please check your mail

Hello please.Can you also sen this audio to me please.

When Free Markets Fail: Saving the Market When It Can’t Save Itself (Wiley Corporate F&A)
by Scott McCleskey (Aug 2, 2010)