Globalization, a Disaster, or an Opportunity?

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Globalization, a Disaster, or an Opportunity?

Globalization brings about more complex social issues, in which political and economic problems are more highlighted than the others. For instance, the Asian Hate issue wildly spreads in the US in recent times, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which was initiated in China last January, later on, was got across the whole world quickly. In addition to the deteriorating relations between China and the US, some racists set to throw their anger and frustration on domestic Chinese Americans who become scapegoats.

Globalization brings about anxiety and fears to western countries. On the one hand, China is soaring rapidly in its economy, so the US, ranked on the top in economy and politics for nearly one century, feels threatened and desperate. On the other hand, American political inner division becomes rampant and out of control in a certain sense. Its conventional values are suffering from being challenged. Anger and hatred arise among everyday civilians, attacking the seniors on the street and the children at school. The US is undergoing its dark time, labeled by extremities and racism.

Globalization has pushed China on the stage of history. China was hungry for converting its poverty-stricken status entailed by a series of historical events taking place in the past century. Eventually, it caught the opportunity of eliminating its poverty using both low human rights privilege and totalitarianism, taking advantage of the Chinese culture of working hard and determination. In contrast to China, the US has been misinterpreting Chinese policies and overlooking its power under its arrogance and shared values.