global water use

Hi, Kitos! This time I will show you an essay about IELTS writing task 1. It has two pictures. The first one is a curve diagram named ‘Global water use by sector’, and there are three rising lines. The second one is a table named ’ Water consumption in Brazil and Congo in 2000’, and it gives three data: population, irrigated land, and water consumption per person. Thank you for correcting my essay :slight_smile:

The graph shows the details regarding the global water use by different sectors. The table demonstrates the water consumption in Brazil and Congo in 2000.

According to the first graph, water used for agriculture was the most during the 20th century. In 1900, the amount of agricultural consumption was approximately 500 km3, while it was almost zero in industrial use and domestic use. It had an increase trend in all three sectors between 1900 and 2000. When it comes to 2000, about 3000 km3 of water was being utilized for agricultural purpose. The statistics of industrial use and domestic use were around 1000 km3 and 300 km3 respectively.

In terms of the table, Brazil, as a country with a good many people (176 million) and a great deal of irrigated land (26,500 km3), used much water (359 m3 per person) in 2000. Conversely, there were only 5.2 million populations and 100 km3 irrigated land in Congo, and the water consumption was merely 8 m3 per person, about 1/45 of that in Brazil.

In conclusion, agriculture played the main role in using water during the century. Congo, compared with Brazil, was a country that lack water.

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