Gl- words (lows, glistens, glimmers, glints, glitters)


When we launched this site, T wrote tests as if there were no tomorrow. I ate, drank and slept them. Well, I haven’t done many recently. I thought I’d turn the tables now and ask others for creativity. It all started this morning as I listened to the news and heard someone using the word glimmer. And I asked myself (I do that sometimes - it’s an ailment called test neurosis) how many words start with gl and refer to some kind of light. I resisted the urge to write another test and instead ask:

What is that glows - glistens- glimmers - glints - glitters - glazes - gleams - ?

Answers mustn’t be glib or gloomy but gleeful and glorious.


Another word game – yippee!

Are we allowed more than one answer? These are my tries, anyway:

Glamorous Glynis in a glorious lam? dress and spangled gloves gladly carrying a Gladsone bag?
Glowering and gloomy Gloria wearing a glossy, sequined gown and performing a glissade?
The glints of a globe and a jar of glue in a glasshouse under the moonlight in Glasgow?
A glutton with gluey, glutinous hands covered in a glut of diamonds?
A glen covered in glacial snow on a sunny day?
Globules of rain gliding down a window glass?
Gloating over a glow worm on a glacis?
The sun’s glare on the water?
A glimpse of gloss paint?
A glacier in the sun?
A glossy magazine?

Overdone it again, haven’t I – just love to play with words :roll: !