Give someone a lift to ..

Hi there,

  1. This morning, I gave Sandya and her assistant a lift to the place she’d requested.
  2. Akriti’s ‘big mummy’ left for her own house in Damak around 4 p.m.

Are these acceptable?

a. As I felt physically uncomfortable after coming back from Hariyali, I took a rest for half an hour. I felt myself a little bit refreshed.

b. I went to the house in Sadan Road, from there I brought here a thermos bottle.

c. The need to have some cash arose so I withdrew a one hundred.

Thanks to all for the help.

1 is long-winded and there is ambiguity about who specified the drop-off place. As it is written it looks as if you mean the assistant, but I suspect you mean Sandya. I suggest
“This morning, I gave Sandya and her assistant a lift to the place specified.” and leave it at that.
In (2) it would be usual to say ‘at around 4 p.m.’

a. I found myself to be a little refreshed. / I felt a little refreshed.
b, I went to the house in Sadan Road, where I picked up a thermos bottle and brought it with me.
c. You need to specify what you are speaking about when you say ‘a one hundred’. It would be more natural to say ‘I needed some cash so I withdrew one hundred xxx.’

Hi Bev,
Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate it.
It looked to me that some of the sentences were not properly understood. Anyway, it’s okay.

Opinions and suggestions differ widely on my posts.
Let’s see what others say.

I believe I understood them.

Hi Noren,

I have a doubt that you are doing research in English. I thought you would help fellow learners’ doubts and mistakes on the forum. You are simply asking your own doubts.
Beeesneees has to attend so many learners queries, doubts and guide them, other learners will also expect the same as you like on the forum. I suggest you that you may choose any topic by your own, for that you will get feedback/opinions from so many learners on the forum, it will be helpful to both of them.

If you find my suggestion is not acceptable to you, please ignore this mail.

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Hi Shanthi,
Thank you very much for your message to me. Yes, you are right. I appreciate it very much.
Thanks once again.
Keep in touch.

PS: I am not doing any kind of research. It’s a million miles away for me to do such things.