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If you could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, who would that
be, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your
Entertainment is such a powerful medium because of which the person in any condition can manage to be happy for a while.
During watching movies, he forget every worries, he is facing in his stressful life. Entertainer has very difficult job to make people get involve with them. May be that may be in forms of singing, comedy and acting. If I would get an opportunity to meet famous personality then I would like to meet sharuk khan.

Firstly, I like to began with saying I like to meet him because he is my favorite hero. Since I have born, I have grown up with watching his movie. He is dedicated person who devotes whole time for his work and family. He is one of the famous personalities from India and the richest person still he has strong incentive to work whole day and night.

Secondly, he is a good person by nature. He respect all human may be rich or poor. He started this carrier in very early age. When he came to mumbai he has no relatives, no friend there. He has to stay on foot path for 1year. After striving hard he got job in acting in tv serial called “Circus” his acting carrier stared from here. He got recognized from his work in “Circus. He had no god father with him who would had promote him. He worked very, very hard and got such name and fame. He has worked in thousand of films which had owe him many award for his acting in it.
To sum up with, I like to meet sharuk khan because he is hard working, determinant, good actor and good human being by nature.

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according to my knowledge, I highlighted the suspect parts in [color=green]green. So, the final essay is something like this:


I applied some corrections, because I thought that they were wrong. [color=olive]It took me about three hours! However, there are other teachers that surely will help you and me to write better essays. Ho, I’m not a teacher :slight_smile:

I hope that you meet this cute actor soon. Don’t forget to ask him to sign a paper or me, too!

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