Girls and boys should go to different schools

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Topic: Girls and boys should go to different schools. Do you agree or disagree?

In today’s world, everyone goes to schools with the great hope that they can find a good job after all. That is why children are increasingly at the mercy of their parents’ pressure to attend single-sex schools in which students’ academic performance can be improved incredibly due to the lack of disturbance from another gender. However, I believe critical and fundamental to youngsters’ future is not only the ability to get high grades in class or the better chance when finding a job, but their fully social and emotional development which can be obtained under the suitable environment of co-educational schools.

The first reason why co-ed schools still maintain their status comparing to that of single-sex ones is that it enables students to socialize and harmonize well with others. It goes without saying that schools can be regarded as a minimized society in which students are taught an awful lot of precious lessons about real life, namely how to interact with others. For example, (1) one salesman, graduating from a single-sex school, may easily engage other gentlemen in conversation, but that will be a different story if he is supposed to persuade a lady to purchase his services because he has little chances to practice interpersonal skill with another gender. Yet for those who come from co-ed schools, this thorny problem appears to be a straightforward one. (OR —(2)“one salesman, graduating from a co-educational school, may easily engage both gentlemen and ladies in conversation when he is supposed to persuade them to purchase his services. Yet that will be a different story for those who come from single-sex schools in which they have few chances to practice interpersonal skill with another gender, making this straightforward problem a thorny one” — Which one is better and why?). That is the reason why the promise of co-educational schools to provide a plethora of opportunities to bolster confidence in strangers is of prime importance for students.

Another reason why attending co-educational schools is necessary should be that its environment arguably balances students’ development in emotional terms. There is no room for doubt that the teen years are the ideal time for identity exploration and experimentation, so that teenagers should be put under good environment for fully personal growth. And here comes a co-ed school instrumental in supporting both genders to find good moral qualities from each other. For instance, girls sometimes need some valuable characteristics from boys, such as courage, self-discipline, or just independence, in order to succeed later on in the cruel working environment. In addition, scientists have found so far that male students in co-ed schools have a tendency to behave kindly and nicely as a result of influential by the compassion and altruism from female ones, leading to the significant decrease in school violence’s rate.

In conclusion, how their children’s future will be looms as the boldest question mark, though, parents should (1)— think that the balanced mental development of their sons and daughters far outweigh anything else (Or —(2) prioritize the balanced mental development of their sons and daughters— Which one is better to use?). These concerns bring them to the front gate of co-educational schools. Only then will they able to give children the safe, healthy childhood and adolescence they deserve.

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Hi, I think your essay is very good. You have a good structure and your arguments are clear and convincing. Your vocabulary is generally very good, although you have made some word choices that I think could be improved. You also have some grammatical errors here and there, but nothing that really interferes with the clarity of your writing. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.