Getting started to be an artist from YOUTUBE

As we know, Justin Bieber, a teenage singer from USA, award-winning one, getting started his “career” as an artist from YouTube. In my Country, Indonesia, it had been an inspiration from some people to follow his step. Previously, Shinta-Jojo, two young girls who suddenly being famous because of their funny song. Then, there’s a man from village – somewhere in Indonesia – has the same destiny, he gets famous in a very short while due to his song as well. The latest one, young police, Norman Kamaru, now becomes new “artist” because of his talent in imitating the song of Shah Rukh Khan. So, YouTube can be a media for promoting anyone’s talent, especially in art and music. If they get luck, they can be famous and rich. But it will last for a very short time or can endure for a lifetime, it depends on themselves…Justin Bieber, is very talented one, he has proven that he deserves to achieve a precious award in music…no doubt.