getting people's attention

Hello everyone,

So I was just wondering what’s the common expression used, when I want to tell that someone,gets people’s attention over another, or is becoming more liked than another.

Here are two examples to clarify what I’m trying to explain:

Let’s say : I work in a company, and everyone at work likes because I’m the best hard working guy. Then someone new is employed and works harder than me and gets everyone’s attention and appreciation and they start to like him/her more than me.

Another example:
a good looking guy in a school gets the girls’ attention and they all like him. Then a more good looking guy comes to the school and gets the girls’ attention they like him more than the first one.

What is the commonly used expression for this case?

Thanks in advance.

I sdon’t think there’s a single most common expression.

It’s enough to say that one has become more popular than the other, though.