Get/take/do exercise?

The difference btw “get exercise”, “take exercise” and “do exercise”?


The difference btw “get exercise”, “take exercise” and “do exercise” in these sentences? Same meaning?

Ex: I don’t get much exercise sitting in the office all day.
I don’t do much exercise sitting in the office all day.
I don’t take much exercise sitting in the office all day.


To do exercises is more common for me :smiley:

Hi Van Khanh,

If you don’t do or don’t take take much exercise, it means that you don’t actually perform an activity such as running,walking,playing tennis or whatever.

Get exercise is quite different. This means receive some kind of exercise as a result of an activity. Sitting at a desk you would obviously not receive or benefit from any exercise at all.


And get much exercise is the most common for me. :lol:

With the word do I’d be more likely to use the gerund: do much exercising

I would never say “take exercise”. :shock:



As I also heard ‘to do exercises’, could your add some comments about (possible) using the plural form - with the above verbs?

Hi Tamara

Using the plural exercises would be more likely to have a connection to something not related to sports (or activities similar to sports).

The teacher made us do endless exercises (to practice the th sound, for example).

On the other hand, practicing th might also be seen more as a sport by some… :lol: :roll:


Hi Tamara,

Further exercising my brain I’d like to add another example. Taking exercise is often used in the sense of doing some kind of physical activity as in: Taking exercise daily can keep your heart healthy. I wonder if cutting the grass counts!


…So (if I understood it right), when I read or hear ‘exercises’ (and not taking exercise), I should first think of mental activity.
Not of painstaking drilling muscles in a fitness center, but rather of some systematic attempts to learn or to remember something. For example :slight_smile:
Or of some other very special and spititual rituals. Like cutting the grass. :slight_smile: