Get right with me?

Hi, what does this phrase mean get right with me? Does it mean, treat me right? Or understand me? There is this song by Depeche Mode, maybe you know? It would be great if you could give me an explanation. Thanks.

Which song? Or can you supply the accompanying lyrics? Without context, I would hazard to guess that get right with me = make amends; regain a proper or just relationship.

Good afternoon Mr Micawber,

Here is the song by Depeche Mode (it’s called get right with me):

I will have faith in man,
That is hard to understand.
Show some humility, you have the ability,
Get right with me.

Friends, if you’ve lost your way,
You will find it again some day.
Come down from your pedestals,
And open your mouth - that’s all.
Get right with me.

Life is such a short thing
That I cannot comprehend.
But if this life were a bought thing,
There are ways I know we’d mend.

People, take my advice.
Already told you once or twice.
Don’t waste your energy making apologies,
Get right with me.

It apparently means Get right with God– which means to get in His good graces by repenting one’s sins, maintaining one’s faith, doing good deeds, etc.

Here right = in conformance with justice or law or morality.