Get over

Is “get over” separable?

You’ll get over it.
You’ll get it over.

Which is right? Tnanks! :slight_smile:

You’ll get over it.
I’ll never get over him.
I have to get over the disappointment.
It’s a feeling I can’t get over.

It isn’t separable.

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Can I ask you one more thing?

Does “get over” work as a transitive verb? I mean it can be used without direct object.

With this meaning, you have to have an object to ‘get over’ (or not get over!)

“You’re gonna be really hard to get over.”

In a drama, this sentence was said to a man who has just broken up with his girlfriend.
What do you think? Should this read “…get over it.” then?

No, a transitive verb can be hidden when the subject is not directly identified in the sentence.
In this case, the girlfriend is going to find it difficult to get over the man.
If it is re-written as:
It’s going to be really hard for her to get over you.
then it can be more easily seen.

‘going to,’ not ‘gonna’ when written — even if it sounds like ‘gonna’ when she says it.

oh, I see. It helps!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Though if my memory serves me well, you can say: Let’s get it over with.
But that’s an exception.

One more question, please! … verbs.html

Can you give me one example for “Separable (obligatory) 7%”?

Yeah, I’ve seen that expression too!
That’s why I got confused.

It’s more than just an exception. It doesn’t have quite the same meaning as to get over someone or something. (To recover from something and move on)

It means to get something (it) done – usually to get an unpleasant or necessary task over with.

I can understand how it could lead to confusion though. … verbs.html

Can you give me one example for “Separable (obligatory) 7%”?

Please!! ><

From that same website:

Other examples from my tired brain:

  • ‘ask around’ with the meaning ‘to ask someone to come and visit’
    We must ask them around one evening.
    We must ask around them one evening.

-‘make into’ with the meaning of ‘change something into something else’
If we cut the legs off the trousers we can make them into shorts.
If we cut the legs off the trousers we can make into them shorts.

Sorry for making your brain tired.
Hope you will have a good rest!

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s not you who made my brain tired. That’s it’s perpetual state!