get out vs. get off


We use ‘get in’ and ‘get out’ when we move into and come out of a smaller car.
We use ‘get on’ and ‘get off’ when we move into and come out of a bigger vehicle such as a bus or train.

But we say to the taxi driver when we want to leave the taxi(the former):
“Please get me off here.”

In this case, why don’t we say “Please get me out here.”? Or… is it right to say so?


Hi SP,

‘Get me off here’ doesn’t really work. I would suggest: Please drop me off here. ‘Get me out of here’ has an entirely different meaning because it suggests you want to be released from something unpleasant.


Oh, thank you for your attention, Alan. I found I asked in a wrong way; I tried to ask: How about “Let me get off here” for a taxi? In other words, is it okay to use “get off” to a taxi?