get out the vote rally

“The Democratic candidate will end her White House campaign with a midnight “get out the vote rally” in North Carolina.”

First, shouldn’t it be “get out the vote” rally? If so, I’m still not sure of the whole concept of ‘getting out the vote’ (the way it was put). Make the vote public (= express your opinion publicly)?

I think it should be taken as get out ‘the vote rally’ which is going to end by midnight. Do you agree?

Hi Eugene, I’d say here an argument could be made for both
“Get Out the Vote Rally”
“Get Out the Vote” rally.

In the former, this particular event is a rally, as opposed to other type of events.
In the latter, this particular rally is named this way, as opposed to other rallies.

If it’s any consolation ‘Get Out the Vote’ didn’t make a great deal of sense to me either, in isolation. My guess was that it referred to the idea of ensuring voting people take up the option to vote (though for my British ears that would be better as ‘Take Up the Vote’) and although I hesitate to quote Wikipedia as an authoritative source it seems I was right:
“Get out the vote” (or “getting out the vote”; GOTV) describes two types of political campaigns, both aimed at increasing the voter turnout in one or more elections.

Hi Bev,
I believe the examples below prove you were right.

[Get Out The Vote We encourage all Americans to register and vote in all elections.
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Get out the vote: How to increase voter turnout… The importance of get out the vote efforts increases as the total percentage of the population voting decreases.
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Now that midnight rally, like host of others, was just schemed to coerce them into voting for me.