-._.- Get on with it

At a toy factory

Worker1: Well, what do I do?

Worker2: Stand at the assembly line.

Worker1: Oh, is this an assembly line?

Worker2: Yes. So, we can assemble, put together, these boxes of building blocks.

Worker1: How do we do that?

Worker2: Watch me, I start by putting the square blocks in the square holes. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

Worker1: Get the hang of it?

Worker2: Get used to doing it. Get on with it.

Worker1: OK. I’ll put some more square blocks in the square holes. Da, da, da, that’s fun.

What does “Get on with it” mean in this dialogue?

Thank you

Video link: (~10 seconds)


Normally this means “proceed” or “start doing it”.


Thank you so much, NearlyNapping :rose:

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