gerund or noun

I deeply thank you all assisting me whenever I put a question.

I got some problem on below sentence.

“That requested careful planning.”

Instead of “Planning”, I would write with “plan”.
Was this wrong? Can I use of either?

How can I understand between “gerund or noun”?

Many thanks in advance.

sean kang.

A gerund is a noun formed with a verb ending in -ing.

Your sentence could read:

  • That requested careful planning (uncountable noun). Or:

  • That requested a careful plan (countable noun).

The first version, however, is more idiomatic.

Hi enedle

Your sentence would also sound better with the verb required.

That required careful planning.

OR replace the word ‘that’ with a person:

He requested careful planning.

Thank you for your assiatance being favorable.

Then, I should make a clause as below.

“You’ve come to the right place for help with your English”

“Help” became not GERUND but NOUN.

But, How about…
“You’ve come to the right place for “helping” with your English”

Is This not to accept? How can I distinguish to use between Gerund and NOUN?

I always thank you all!!!

sean kang.