German into English: Bloß, wohin damit, wenn niemand mehr die heiße Ware haben...


Could you please help me in translating this sentence into English?

Here it is:

‘Bloß, wohin damit, wenn niemand mehr die heiße Ware haben will?’

I’m mostly struggling with ‘Bloß, wohin damit…’

I’d be grateful,


Hello Ski. I think the question is asking where he can put some stolen (hot)items.

Bloß could be (in this context) taken to mean, " Where the hell can I find somewhere to hide this stuff."

I may be wrong, but that’s how I read it Mate.


Thanks, Bill.

Hi Bill,

Your translation is very good!

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Barely (simply, not easily) where to with it, if nobody any more like to have the hot-ware?
Example: “Sag bloß, du kannst ohne fremde Hilfe erledigen?”
"you say simply, you can perform it without others help?