German book title: Viele Antworten können mit ihren Fragen nichts anfangen

I’ve recently come across the book title ‘Viele Antworten können mit ihren Fragen nichts anfangen’. Please could you explain to me what it means?


The phrase is an attempt by the author to accomplish both – demonstrate a sense a humour while at the same time being provocative. Its main purpose is to capture the reader’s attention because the words ‘answers’ and ‘questions’ appear next to each other so you would think the phrase makes sense. while it actually doesn’t.

Then you read it and you don’t get it so you read it again and again still trying to make sense of it. By the time you have read the title the third time the author has captured enough of you interest to look up up his book on the internet. That’s exactly what he is trying to accomplish with this phrase.

I’m sure that some readers will argue that the phrase does make sense to them which means it provides room for interpretation and most certainly has the potential of initiating a philosophical debate.


Thank you, Torsten! This title seems to be a sort of trigger as they say in marketing.

But what does ‘mit den Fragen nichts anfangen’ means? Why is the verb ‘anfangen’ used? It usually means ‘to begin’, doesn’t it?


Wenn du mit etwas nichts anfangen kannst, ergibt es keinen Sinn für dich oder du magst es überhaupt nicht. So, you either don’t understand it at all or you don’t have any use for it.


Thank you for the explanation!

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