Game machine versus gaming machine

What is the difference b/w “gaming machine” and
“game machine”.

Acording to my dictionary, they both have same meaning
but if so, how come there are two expressions??

Hi Phoo

To me, the word gaming is much more closely associated with gambling and betting than the word game. That may have something to do with there being two expressions. A gaming machine may be the type most likely to be found in casinos, for example.

But that’s really just a guess. When I hear “game machine” my first thought is of something along the lines of PlayStation, Xbox, Gameboy, etc.


Thank you, Amy.

It was good to know how you feel about differences b/w “game machine” and “gaming machine”.

I found the word “gaming” when I was checking an article about Sony’s net profit for this quarter.
it was used like “gaming division” "gaming unit"in the article.

So I was just wondering what was the difference b/w “game” and “gaming”.
How do these two words sound to native English speaker?
(Or if it is not just a matter of “feel” but definite distinction…?)

My dictionary just gave examples: “game machine” and “gaming machine”
and it said both have almost same meaning.
So I used these example for my posting here, but actually
What I wanted to know was the difference of the delicate feel of (if so)
b/w “game” and “gaming”.

I will be glad if you tell me what do you image from “gaming division” and “game division”
In the article, they used “gaming division” rather than “game division”.
Is this intentionally or just happen to be and either doesn’t make difference?

Hi Phoo

To be honest, I’m surprised that you’ve got a dictionary with entries for either “gaming machine” or “game machine”.

I’ve done a little googling and I see that Sony refers to gaming (as well as its games).

This dictionary has gaming with this sort of definition (in addition to the gambling definition):

Obviously, I need to have a long talk with my nephew (a PlayStation freak) so I can update my vocabulary. :lol:

Let’s put it this way:
I don’t think anyone would ever refer to an old-fashioned game of chess or any other regular board game or a game of cards, etc. as “gaming”. It’s the new-fangled, high-tech games that use the word gaming.:smiley:


(Just ot of curiosity I checked my resources :slight_smile: )
Wow! My online dictionary also (in additon to ‘game machine’ and ‘gaming machine’) has entries for ‘game-playing machine’ and ‘playing machine’.
:lol: :slight_smile:

Hi Tamara

Don’t leave us in suspense! What are the definitions? :smiley:


Amy, they all are exactly the same :lol: :lol: :slight_smile:

(but taken from different specialised dictionaries. Even from Math one :))

Hi, Amy.

I also found a Sony-related site, and it says “games division”. … rs-losses/
So I think “game” and “gaming” are not so big deal and

But, yes, I agree with you, maybe “gaming” is more for
like high-tech games than classical (classic?) ones.

Hi Tamara
what is the URL of your online dictionary??

Hi Phoo

I’m afraid you can hardly use it because it’s English-Russian resource (several dozens of specialised and universal dictionaries joint together)


Hi Tamara,

I wish I could read Russian!
My dictionary says that they are the same
I cannot show you it either since it is an Enlish-Japanese online dictionary.
But it is good to know that they are all the same in the Russian dictionary too.

Thank you anyway!

Hi you two

My point about “game machine” and “gaming machine” being in a dictionary was that I didn’t think either of these phrases would have their own separate entry in any dictionary.

If I were being precise, I would refer to the PlayStation “machine” as a PlayStation “console” and if I were very general, then I might possibly call it a “machine” or a “box” – or possibly even a “gizmo.” :lol: