Funny Stories From English Class: Teacher and Student

I am ex-navy officer and presently working as a primary school volunteer teacher in Chiagrai. Our school is located in the most northern part of Thailand. The city is very beautiful and peoples in here are friendly and helpful. The weather likes European summer and much more different with all over Thailand.

I use to teach as per my assignment schedule and in addition I have to take-care of students’ safety. Early this month (November) we all need to put on our light jacket to prevent chill weather. One morning during the first break (recess) I saw a group of primary level boys are playing police and thief game. They are playing with 9 mm plastic pistol, which can shoot with silicon balls. It’s seemed to me very dangerous for their eyes. Immediately called them and ask to handover their toy gun and then I promise to give back after the school. The same I placed between my back bone and waist belt. No one can see because it’s under my light jacket.

As I am a navy I use to keep real one in those day and northing difficult for me. In the afternoon I need to pay my house electric bill and I have to withdrawn some money from Kung Thai Bank next to our school compound. I walk into the bank and print out my token as usual and sit in waiting chair with other customers. I relax my back to the seat and then I realized that toy gun in my body. Oh! God I made a big mistake because it’s not real and arms prohibited area. I look around and my eyes meet with security eyes.

I become sweating and can’t move from my seat until my token announced from public addresser. As soon as I received my money and I run out from bank with nervous. Out side the bank I shouted without voice “touch wood I will never make the same again”. The following period before I teach my lesson to class I told them what happen on me today. All my students enjoy laughing without end……… :


I would like to compile a few really good stories :lol: about your experience teaching or learning English as a second language.

hi! further to your question why i’d like to improve my English. That is because i’m handling a job as an English teacher for the time being. I realize that teaching is a great task. It requires lot of skills and experience to be a good teacher. To tell the truth, I really find teaching so exciting once I face my students and start giving them English courses. Therefore I’ll hate to be frustrated if some day I come across some difficulties in the case I won’t be aware in advance.
I really appreciate how much you care about me, especiallay when you ask me such questions. Thousands of thanks.


LoL. It’s a funny on your frightening. Thank you for your contribution story.