Functions of Infinitive

Hi teachers,

I’ve found that Infinitive has many functions such as

Subject- To make mistake is easy.
Object- My goal is to master English grammar.
Complement of verb- I decided to study hard.
Adverb (I’m not sure)-He wants me to pay.

Could you list other functions of Infinitive?
Please give example

Thanks in advance


It can be used as an adverbial modifier of attendant circumstances:
She was driven away,never to revisit this neighbourhood

As parenthesis:
Well,to cut a long story short,they thought it would be more economical to live at the villa
As an object:
I have never learnt to read or write

As an adverbial modifier:
Laws were not made to be broken,laws were made to stay within
As an attribute:
I have not had time to examine this room yet
As a predicative:
My intention is to get into parliament
As part of compound verbal predicate:
We must not leave him by himself any longer

Here the infinive stands for part of complex object

Here it stands for predicative