functional or function

we tested operation of all valves and they works OK, can i say:
“All valves are in functional”?

please correct for me.



‘Functional’ suggesting ‘serving a purpose’ is too general for your sentence. I would suggest: All the valves are working or All the valves are in working order.



is it also correct to say, “All the valves are functioning” or “All the valves are fully operative”?


Hi Claudia,

Yes, they would both work. A couple of points to note are: ‘function’ as a verb can often be used in a medical context - the brain isn’t functioning properly and also in an idiomatic sense to describe a state of confusion as in: I don’t function properly very early in the morning. ‘Operative’ can also be used as a noun to mean ’ manual worker’.

Just thought I’d mention that.