Functional Grammar - SFPCA

Hello guys! Do you know how to define these sentences with SFPCA?

S: Subject
F: Finte
P: Predicator
C: Complement
A: Adjunts

I have done my job and I hope you can help me to correct them if necessary.

[b]1. This(S) requires(F/P) positive effort(C do).

  1. The other side(S) is(F) a dark pool(C int).

  2. He(S) handed(F/P) me(C do) the document(C int).

  3. The papers(S) declared(F/P) the strike(C do) a failure(C int).[/b]

There’s one more question.
I don’t know how to deal with the following sentence because there are modal “must”
Is it a finite (F) or a predicator §

Every appointment must be kept.

Thank you very much!

Complements cannot be objects in any grammar system, I think.

Anyway: Every appointment (S) must (F/P) be kept §.