Fully autonomous driving in 2020?

I remember a few years back whenever I mentioned Tesla and Elon Musk to anyone in Germany the reaction used to be the same: ‘This guy is crazy, all he is good at is burning money, electric cars are doomed to failure, etc.’ Now Tesla is still around and growing strong so Elon Musk has proved all his doubters wrong. He recently has said that full autonomous driving will arrive in 2020 and even if misses this target by a year or two he is still right:


Let’s welcome it in Germany as well in 2020! The Google has already experimented it successfully in the US, I suppose. In fact, I saw their test ride in San Francisco in 2015.


Google acquired Waymo a few years back and has since then driven more than one millions with their fleet of autonomous robotaxis:

As for Germany, we are lagging years behind in pretty much every technology now so it will take us a couple of decades until we reach Waymo’s level.


Here is another good article on autonomous driving:


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