From Tokyo, Japan

Hi. I am new here. But I’ve practiced English for a long time.
I think this forums are all great.

Hi, i am Daniel , i live in Stuttgart, it´s in Germany ,i am also a new member here,and i really want to get some friends, it would be wonderful to comunicate with someone who is from another country… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: If you want to comunicate please answer… :slight_smile: Maybe you could tell something about yourself, its really interesting…

Hi! how are you? You are right Dan Golder it will be great to get to know friends from different countries.

Hi all,

Nice to meet you all. My name is Guruh. I’m from Indonesia. I live in Jakarta. I’m interested in reading novel, jogging, watching movies, listening music and making a friend especially from another country

how about you ?
Where did you go on your last vacation ?

also I wrote something on my last vacation
Happen in the past

I’m sorry My English is not really good.

I look forward your reply

take care

So it is great we shall learn from you.

Hi all,
Nice to meet you all.
I’m from Vietnam. I live in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m also interested in reading novel and watching movies.


I m Sarita from India. My english is not so bad, but yet i want fluency in english.
So if want to talk with me than just message me.
take care

hi…nice to meet u all in this forum
I’m a new member…just to practice my English language…

nice to know you sarita

nice to meet you too.
Where are you from?

Ok Guy, but doesn´t exist the word “u”!!!
The correct way to write is “you”, ok!


Ok Guy, but doesn´t exist the word “u”!!!
The correct way to write is “you”, ok!