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Hello Everybody,

Do you know, in Arabic Language there are many words have the same English pronunciation but different in meaning like:

May = in Arabic it’s a name for females (her name is May)
Hind= = = = (her name is Hind)
Safe= sword, and also a name of males (his name is Safe)
Feel = Elephant
Sarah= Happy occasions, news & events, also a name for females
Sam = poisoned
Far = a Mouse

And more words I can’t remenber now.

Do you have the same at your language? What are they?

Glad to learn from you…


Dear Hadeel,

Many thanks for giving us an insight into the Arabic language. Yes, it’s interesting to see that some words in different languages sound very similar. Please do tell us more.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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dear Hadeel assalamu alikom
hi I am here too
bey bey,see you after 7 days,then wish you not bored ENSHALAH

Hello Ahmed,

Welcome in this forum. I’m sure you will find it very helpful and will meet your target.

Good Luck


Did you know that there are very few truly English words in the English language. It is like a sponge soaking up everything around it. Its main influences are Latin, and latinate languages such as French, Italian and Spanish. Then, of course, there is a lot of words from Greek, but we also have many from Arabic. Here are some of them- I think you’ll be very surprised-

admiral - ami:r-al-bahr ‘ruler of the seas’ (and other similar expressions) - amara command
adobe - al-toba ‘the brick’
albacore - al-bukr ‘the young camel’
alcohol - al-koh’'l ‘the kohl’
alcove - al-qobbah ‘vault’ - qubba vault
alfalfa - alfas,fas,ah ‘fodder’
algebra - al-jebr ‘reintegration’ - jabara reunite
Algol - al-ghu:l ‘the ghoul’
algorithm - al-Khowarazmi ‘the (man) of Khiva’
alkali - al-qaliy ‘calx’ - qalay fry, roast
Allah - allah, from contraction of al-ilah 'the god' almanac - (Andalucian Arabic) al-mana:kh, of uncertain origin amber -anbar ‘ambergris’
apricot - al-burquq - from Greek
Arab - arab arsenal - dar as,s,inaah ‘house of making’, i.e. ‘factory’ - s,anaa make artichoke - al-kharshu:f assassin - h'ashsha:shi:n 'hashish eaters', from the Ismaili sectarians
ayatollah - ‘ayatu-llah ‘miraculous sign of God’
azimuth - as-sumut ‘the paths’; see also zenith
azure - al-lazward ‘lapis lazuli’ - from Persian
Betelgeuse - bi:t al-jauza:’ ‘shoulder of the Giant’
borax - bu:raq - from Persian

caliber - qali:b ‘mold, last’ -
calico - Qaliqu:t ‘Calicut’, city in India
caliph - khali:fah ‘successor’ - khalafa ‘succeed’
camise - qami:s ‘shirt’ - from Latin
camphor - ka:fu:r - from Malay
candy - short for ‘sugar candy’, from sugar + qandi ‘candied’, from qand ‘cane sugar’ - from a Dravidian language
carat - qi:ra:t ‘small weight’ - from Greek
caraway - alkarawya: - probably from Greek
carafe - gharra:f - gharafa ‘dip’
carob - kharrubah
cassock - kaza:ghand ‘padded jacket’ - from Persian
check - sha:h ‘king’ - from Persian
checkmate - sha:h ma:t ‘the king is dead’
chess - from Old French eschecs, plural of check
cipher - s,ifr ‘empty’
coffee - qahwah
Copt - quft - from Greek
cork - qu:rq
cotton - qutn
couscous - kuskus - kaskasa pound, bruise
crimson - qirmazi:, related to the qirmiz, the insect that provided the dye

dhow - da:w
dinar - di:na:r - from Greek
dirham - dirham - from Greek

efreet - 'ifri:t ‘monster’
elixir - al-iksi:r ‘philosopher’s stone’ - from Greek
emir - ami:r - amara command

fakir - faqi:r ‘poor man’ - faqura be poor
Farsi - Fa:rs ‘Pars’, a province of Iran - from Persian
fatwa - fetwa - fata: instruct by a legal decision
fedayeen - fida:‘iyi:n ‘commandos’ - fida:` redemption
felafel - fala:fil
fellah - fella:h’ ‘husbandman’ - falah’a till

garble - gharbala ‘sift’ - perhaps from Latin
gazelle - ghaza:l
genie - jinni: ‘spirit’
gerbil - yarbu:`
ghoul - ghu:l ‘demon’ - gha:la take suddenly
giraffe - zara:fa

haj - h’ajj ‘pilgrimage’ - h’ajja go on a pilgrimage
halvah - h’alwa:
harem - h’aram ‘prohibited, set apart’ - h’arama prohibit
hashish - h’ashi:sh ‘dried herbs, hemp’
hazard - y?sara ‘play at dice’
henna - h’enna:`
Hezbollah - H’izbulla:h ‘party of God’
hookah - h’uqqah ‘water bottle (through which smoke is drawn)’

imam - ima:m ‘leader’ - amma precede
Islam - isla:m ‘submission’ - aslama submit oneself

jar - jarrah ‘large earthen vase’
jasmine - ya:smi:n - from Persian
jinn - jinn ‘spirits’, plural of genie
julep - jula:b ‘rose water’ - from Persian

kabob - kaba:b - from Persian
kaffir - ka:fir ‘infidel’ - kafara conceal, deny
keffiyeh - kaffi:yah
Koran - qura:n ‘recitation’ - qara`a read

lilac - li:la:k - from Persian
lemon - laymu:n - from Persian
lime - li:mah ‘citrus fruit’
lute - al-`u:d

macram? - miqramah ‘striped cloth’
magazine - makha:zin ‘storehouses’ - khazana store
Mahdi - mahdi:y ‘one who is guided aright’ - hada: lead
marzipan - mawthaba:n ‘coin featuring a seated figure’
mask - perhaps maskhara ‘buffoon’ - sakhira ridicule
mattress - matrah ‘place where something is thrown, mat, cushion’ - tarah’a throw
minaret - mana:rah - na:r fire
mohair - mukhayyar ‘choice (goats’-hair cloth)’ - khayyara select
monsoon - mausim ‘season’ - wasama mark
mosque - masgid - sagada worship
Mozarabic - musta`rib ‘would-be Arab’
muezzin - mu’adhdhin ‘criers’ - adhana proclaim
mufti - mufti: ‘one who gives a fatwa’
mujahedeen - muja:hidi:n ‘figher in a jihad’
mullah - mawla: ‘master’
mummy - mu:miya: ‘embalmed body’ - mu:m ‘(embalming) wax’
Muslim - muslim ‘submitter’ - aslama submit oneself
muslin - Maus,il ‘Mosul’

nadir - nadi:r as-samt ‘opposite the zenith’
natron - natru:n - from Greek
nizam - nidam ‘government’

orange - na:ranj - from Sanskrit
ottoman - `uthma:n, a proper name

racket - r?h’et ‘palm of the hand’ Ramadan - Ramada:n meaning perhaps ‘the hot month’ - ramata be heated

Rigel - rijl ‘foot (of Orion)’
roc - rukh
rook - rukh - from Persian

safari - safari:y ‘journey’ - safara travel
saffron - zafara:n Sahara - ?ah'ra: 'desert' sahib - ?a:h'ib 'friend' salaam - as-sala:malaikum ‘peace be on you’
Saracen - sharqi:yi:n ‘easterners’ - sha:raqa rise
sash - sha:sh ‘muslin’
satin - probably zaytu:ni: ‘of Zaytu:n’ (a city in China)
scarlet - siqilla:t ‘(cloth) adorned with images’ - from Latin
sequin - sikkah ‘die for coinmaking’
sheikh - shaikh ‘old man’ - sha:kha grow old
sherbet - sharbah - shariba drink
Shiite - shiyai:y, from shiya: ‘following, sect’ - sha`a follow
shrub [drink] - shurb ‘a drink’ - shariba drink
sine - Latin sinus, mistranslation of jayb ‘chord of an arc, sine’, through confusion with jayb ‘fold of a garment’
sirocco - sharq ‘east (wind)’ - sha:raqa rise
sofa - s,uffah ‘raised dais with cushions’
spinach - isfa:na:kh
sugar - sukkar - from Sanskrit
sultan - sulta:n ‘sovereign’
sumac - summa:q
Sunni - sunni: ‘lawful’, from sunna:h ‘rule, course’
syrup - shara:b ‘beverage’ - shariba drink

tabbouleh - tabbu:la
tabby - atta:biy, a neighborhood in Baghdad where taffeta was made tahini - - tah'ana crush Taliban - talib 'student' - talaba study talisman - tilsam - from Greek tamarind - tamr-hindi: 'date of India' tambourine - a small tambour, from tanbu:r - from Persian tandoori - tannu:r 'oven' tarboosh - tarbu:sh tare [weight] - tarh'ah 'rejected' - tarah'a reject tariff - tari:f ‘notification’ - `arafa notify
tarragon - tarkhu:n - possibly from Greek
tell [mound] - tall ‘hillock’

vizier - wazi:r ‘porter, public servant’ - wazara carry

wadi - wa:di:
Waqf - waqf ‘religious foundation’
wisdom tooth - from a Latin calque on adra:su 'l h’ikmi - calqued from Greek

zenith - samt ‘path’
zero - s,ifr ‘empty’