Friendly and little girl from VietNam


I’m very please to share information with everyone who like I’m from VietNam.

Hi, Thanh Nhan !

Nice to meet you here. Where are you from ? I’m from Danang, Vietnam.

I believe that you’ll find a useful place for your studying English

Hello, Thanh Nhan!

It’s nice to have you as a member of the bunch! Hope you enjoy interacting with us and that the site becomes one of your favourites now.

Looking forward to seeing you around :slight_smile: !

Hi all !
I am from Ho Chi Minh city. That’s greate to meet you in here. The website is too useful for ours learning English.

Oh I met many vietnameses here - this forum is a good place for us to improve our english ?Very nice to meet you .I’m from Ha Noi