French and English

Hello my name is Jolene I am 21 years old
My mother tongue is english, so if somebody wants help to improve their english, I don’t mind helping ^^
my second language is french I lived in France for 6 years and went to school.
If somebody has french as a first language I would like to talk, because I now work in a place where they only speak english and I want to keep my french up.

Try to learn basic English rules of grammar first.

English. French. Start a sentence with a capital letter. Learn to use a comma and a full stop.

And you want to teach others?

hello~ Jolene, good to see you here~

hope to talk with you, course i am a english learner~ lol~

where are you from ?

hello Yoski,
I am from St.Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, it is British.
I have lived in England, France and now Ascension Island

So much better, and so helpful to other non-native speakers in our Forum.


Hi, Jolene, I searched your Island by Internet~ wow…it look so nice~ the air, the sea, the view… mmm…it seems I can smell it~ lol~
By the way, What’s your job there ?

Have a nice time~


I work as an office clerk, in a car garage (motor pool = american word).
This means that I am in the office and I schedule work for the mechanics, then I do all the paperwork. The car garage belongs to an american company, which is on a military base. The company is a technical support for NASA… but I just work in an office, I’m not an astronaut lol.

Dont’t worry! That’s OK!

wow~ it’s sounds not bad, Jolene~ I think you can meet some big man! lol~ your place is really look nice~ the air must be very good!:slight_smile:

Hi :
I am sh4 , I am a new member , I am so happy that you can help us with English and French , because I wish that I learn French too, I used to learn French when I was in secondery. But I stopped . and I will be so greatful if will accept me as a friend.