Free Skype speaking sessions on a regular basis

Hello everyone,

Megan is going to offer a free speaking session through Skype on a regular basis. You can listen in to the one we had today here: ooVoo Speaking Session with Megan Noel Wilber (US)

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Hello everyone,
I’m proud of taking part in the Skype session along with Mauricio, Megan and Torsten. It’s a long chatting covering very interesting topics. I appreciate it very much, especially for taking part by the native speaker like Megan and the moderator like Torsten.

Torsten informed from the next Skype sessions other native speakes like Alan would take part in it regualrly. So, it’s going to be a great opportunity for non-native English speakers to practice spoken and listening skills directly interacting with the native speakers. It’s certainly the opportunity to get rid of all kinds of fearness and to raise our confidence level dramatically within the shortest possible time availing the very friendly and democratic atmosphere!

Many thanks for this great initiave taken by Megan! Torsten and others have responded right on time and reinforced this idea with their generous views and technological back-ups!

As Torsten has given a key of getting prepared with the questions to ask during the Skype session, I think, I’ll able to be more vocal and participatory with the days to come. I’ll try my best to take part in the Skype sessions regularly as far as possible.

Best regards,



If I’m around on a Sunday at the right time, I’ll certainly be happy to chip in.


Hi Alan, it’s great to hear you want to join on in on our conversation sessions. Once Megan has initiated the conference she will then invite you to join. All you need to do is press the green ‘answer’ button.


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Hi Torsten, Mujibur and Alan,

Hello everyone,

When I have time I would like to offer 2 sessions on Sunday but this is something I can’t do every weekend unfortunately. With the large time difference between some people I think offering 2 different sessions is easier. Or perhaps adjusting the times slightly but as time passes we can see what really works out best for people. If I’m free I’m happy to talk with people at any time.

Take care!


I’ve joined this forum just now .Glad to see people helping others with English.i want to join your skype session. How can i join?

Hello Sarah,

If you are interested in joining a Skype session then please send me a private message with your Skype ID before next Sunday. I will add you. For now the Skype session takes place at 4pm (Western European Time). If you tell me where you are located I can correct this time for you to your own. Occasionally when I have time I also talk with people throughout the week. When this happens if I see that others are on-line I send them a message and see if they are free to join in. If you have further questions please feel free to ask.

Take care!

Hello Megan and Sarah,

Just thought I’d let you know that forum members are not allowed to send private messages until they have made at least five posts on our forum. This means that right now you have four more posts to go, Sarah.

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Hello, How should I register for it?
Thank you very much

Send Megan your Skype ID via private message.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

That’s a little difficult for Sarah (Somayeh1) to do at the moment as she hasn’t made enough posts to be able to initiate PMs.

Megan - I suggest you PM Sarah. Then she’ll be able to reply to you.

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Hello Beeesneeees,

Ah thanks for the heads up. I’ll send Sarah and Somayeh1 both messages myself. I’ll remember that for next time.

Take care!

Hello Megan and Xiaomuou

Thank you very much. I got Megan’s message but its saying the same thing that I’ve to post at least 5 forum messages before I start sending private message. Well I have four more days till Sunday, I’ll do it.

Hello Beesneees

thank you for the help, but it didnt work either, i got Megan’s msg but its displaying the same thing , anyways its my 3rd post now. i’ll try some other topic to complete remaining two :).

what if there’re too many people attending and the conversation session turns out to be a chaos. I hope this will not happen cause’ I’m going to send Megan my Skype ID =))

Hello Torsten, Megan, Mujbur and Mauricio
I did listen to your conversation last Sunday. It’s interesting thanks to Torsten’s prepared questions and topics. Hope to talk with you all soon.

Hello Oad,

I’ll limit the size of the group to around 6 or 8 participants at most. It would be too chaotic to have a dozen or more people in a phone call together. So I’ll probably treat it a bit like “first come, first served”. So those who let me know they definitely want to take part will get the first positions. Others will have to go on a waiting list I guess in case someone doesn’t show up or cannot stay long.

Take care!

Hello Oad,
Many thanks for listening to the Skype Session conversation of last Sunday. I’m feeling encouraged as you found it interesting.

It’s great that you’re going to join in the next Sunday’s Skype session. Please register your name well ahead with Megan by sending a p.m. informing your Skype ID.

Hopefully the next session is going to be adored by Alan’s taking part too!

See you soon!


Hi I would like to participate on a skype lesson, but I don’t know how to begin, my skype name is

Hi Piroska,

The session starts every Sunday at 4pm Central European Time. What time zone are you in?


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