Free online SAT Math Preparation site


Try .They offer weekly scheduled tests at no charge and the top scorer gets a prize (i think $20)

Hey, thanks Robert; that’s pretty cool; I just signed up for the weekly scheduled test; I guess I am gonna be competing against you too for that $20 lol

Yah, i took the test this weekend and stayed in the chat room they set up after the test; they said that they might increase the prize to the top scorer if they got more people to take the test; i mean its free to register and they help you to prepare;

There is site to prepare for SAT math with 3-D animated videos, it is at:

The SAT math was hard for me because I didn’t know the relations well between some variables. The 3-D videos show me the relations in a minute. They helped a lot.

thanks bro

I found a site: They offer hundreds of free SAT Math questions, and you can sort by difficulty and question type, so you can really pick problems that work for you. They also have leveling up and challenges which give it a video game like feel. It’s awesome!