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My name is My Linh
I am from Vinh city, Vietnam
I am very keen on detective books, Because Interesting ones make me feel really excited and fascinated
And I would love to share my interest with all members on
What is your favourite book? Why do you like it?
My favourite one is Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama(manga)
Because It is more suitable for my age(15) :smiley:
The main character named Shinichi Kudo is very handsome and intelligent.When he becomes small due to toxic, He looks so cute
And I also love manga-Japanese comic books
I think Manga books is extremely popular nowaday
Have you read any Manga? Which one do you like best? Can you tell me why?
Thank you so much!

If you like Detective Conan, I’d bet you’d like the original “Sherlock Holmes”

You are right !
But I only can read Sherlock Holmes in Vietnamese version
Im not good at English
I will try to read detective books in English to improve my vocabulary
When Im on my summer holiday
Thank you for replying

If you can order books online try this, its Sherlock Holmes book but its written using easy and simple English, its made for English students like you. … glishte-20

thank you so much! I will download it and try to practice reading English with this book…

Hi Glassy Rose,
If you like detectives you can read J.H.Chase, an American writer. His novels are short, interesting and easy to read, in my viewpoint. Also I would strongly recommend Agatha Christie, she is gorgeous.

Hi Bagheera, I know a little about Agatha Christie- a famous English novelist about the detective genre. If I don’t misremember, I think I read one of her books before. I willl try reading novels by J.H.Chase. I guess his ones are also very interesting.
Thank you so much!:smiley:
Have you ever read Kill the messenger by Tami Hoag…What do you think about it?


I love manga too. I’m reading Axis Power Hetalia, it’s author is Hydekaz-sensei. It’s very cute, funny and will help much if you not good with history at class ^^.
I has read book of much genre, now loving humor, horror and [color=yelllow]some BL

I also read books of an author in Vietnam like Nguyen Tuan, his writing is amazing

I have to study now
I wish we can talk much about book