Formation of adverbs

Hi teachers,

How can I form adverbs from the adjectives “obligatory/mandatory/compulsory”?

Do “obligatorily/mandatorily and compulsorily” exist?


***** NOT A TEACHER *****

Hello, Foreigner:

I am NOT answering your question.

But knowing how eager you are to know everything about English grammar, I thought that you would like to know something: sometimes native speakers do not use the adverb.

For example, I am pretty sure that most Americans (at least in conversation) would not say “You laugh funnily.” They would say “You laugh funny” (the adjective being used as an adverb).

I guess that in formal writing, they might write “You laugh in a funny manner.” I doubt that even in formal writing many Americans would use “funnily.” Why? Because it sounds funny. (This time, the adjective is correct. “Sounds” is a linking verb here, in my humble opinion.)

Like you, I am eager to see what other members say about your question.


Your explanation is too succinct to warrant any addition, James.

Turning to Foreigner’s query, I would say that they exist. We can normally change an adjective (ending with ‘y’/‘ory’) into an adverb (ending with ‘ily’/‘orily’) as he has indicated.